We fix it in post. You laugh,
but that is why we are here, and what we do best.

Department of Post offers bespoke workflow, state-of-the-art technology and world-class talent
whatever the medium, scope or budget.


Our new, fully-secure facility in central Auckland is the home of New Zealand’s Screen Industry.

From traditional film and television, to immersive media and remote facilities, we are passionate about our work, and collaborate seamlessly with productions across the country, and around the world.


Turn off the lights, pull the curtains and come grade your creation into something you’d always dreamed it looked like.

4K OLED grading monitors, Christie DCI Theatres and a GPU packed DaVinci Resolves will mean

that you spend every precious minute polishing, and no time waiting, nor held back by technology.

DOP’s and producers will be in their element.


DaVinci Resolve Studio • Sony 4K & HD OLED Monitors

Christie DCI Projectors • Dolby Sound Processors

Digital Mastering

No one wants to be let down at the final stages of the production and making masters is a critical time.

With the latest encoding engines we will make the best looking masters around. IMF, 4K and 2K DCP’s, Encrypted or not, nothing’s an issue.

And once the masters made we have a full cinema set of hardware to test screen on, replicating cinemas around the world.



Christie DCI Projectors • Dolby Doremi DCP Players

Dolby Sound Processors

Online / Finishing 

Graded to perfection? The next step is credits, opening titles and subtitles to entertain the world. All our online editing is conducted in Avid Symphony.

From removing unwanted booms (or crew members) from frame, to fixing dead pixels.

We will ensure that your creation hits the top notch on international standards.

We are the camera department’s worst and best critics.



Avid 4K Symphonys • Apple 12Core MacPros

File based QC 

Todays international standards are getting higher and higher. Without enterprise level tools it can be impossible to meet these standards.

We run the latest Baton File based QC servers to check every master frame by frame.

Whether it’s a gamut error or a click in audio, Baton will pick it up and report it.

Even the spoken language of the item and someone’s head outside action safe makes it on the report.



Baton QC servers

Audio Mixing

With the latest Protools HD system and Avid S6 console even the trickiest audio is no match.

Fully optioned 5.1 surround studios built to mix and booths to record complete fully featured audio studios.

ADR, VO, Folly, Sound design, mix, master.  A fully end to end audio solution.




Protools HDX systems • Avid Pre • Avid S6 M40 console • Apple 12Core MacPros • Genelec 5.1 monitoring speakers


While we specialize in finishing and audio, we enjoy working closely with our offline editor brothers and sisters.

We find that this relationship is vital, at the end of the day we are making one product; therefore we should all have the same vision.

Because of this, we offer offline edit suites in-house, adapted and expanded for any job.

Our offline suites are not a cheap workstation in a cupboard, they are fast, they are reliable and they are comfortable.



Avid Media Composer / Adobe Premiere • Apple 8Core MacPros • Sony OLED / LCD client monitoring

DIT / Rushes processing 

You are shooting for weeks on these annoying and expensive cards, you need to recycle them as fast as you can.

This is where DIT comes in.  

Our dedicated DI technicians will offload, process, QC and return media 24/7 to keep you shooting.

Our offload tools are used on huge Hollywood productions and are the world leaders, giving us the confidence that your data is safe and sound.



Codex Digital Valut S • DaVinci Resolve Studios • Card readers from MicroSD to RED, you name it we have it

Satellite Facilities 

From production servers to phones, shared storage to Avids,

we have a large assortment of equipment to build satellite production facilities anywhere in the world you may require.




VOIP Phones • Production Servers • Enterprise Wifi Apps

Firewalls • Post shared storage servers • Avid Media Composer suites


Meet Walle – Out LTO robot. While you stumble into bed after a long day in the suite, Walle gets onto the task of backing up and archiving your work onto LTO6 Data tape.

LTO is the most stable and reliable backup format on the planet, tried and tested for years throughout the IT and film industry.

At the end of a production, you can leave with every graded shot, every sound mix, every graphic and every revision on a simple LTO tape.

As well as all your camera original files, no matter how much you over-shot.

The good news is, unlike your spinning hard drive, LTO in 30 years time will still be ready to bring back the past in perfection.


Backup Exec Software • Oracle SL150 LTO Robot


A good visual effect is one you don’t see but to get there you need some skill and power.

Our artists can remove the effects of aging, paint out an unwanted object and just about any other magic your production may need.

They are backed up with multi GPU workstations and render farms so changes get back to you as soon as possible.



Maya • After Effects • Nuke

Supermicro Multi GPU render nodes

OnSet Technical Producer 

We know if the wrong decision is made on set, the cost to correct it in post can be huge.

To remove this stress we provide Technical Producers and VFX Supervisors on productions to remove these issues.

We have full location kits for on set monitoring, time code and wireless linking for small single unit setups up to 10 camera multicam.




Ambient Lockits • Sony OLED monitors • Multiviewers • Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 Cube with iPads