About Us

A bit of history

Started by James Brookes and James Gardner in 2008, Department of Post has grown from simple roots.  They recognized the changing landscape of post production and worked to fill this space in the market.

Department of Post now provides end-to-end post production services, including DIT, Editorial, Online, Finishing, Colour, Audio, and Deliverables, to film and television productions, both local and international. Their focus is on cutting-edge technology and workflows, while retaining the collaborative, agile and innovative foundation upon which the company was built.

Our Team

Meet the full time team
at department of post:

James Gardner   jamesg@departmentofpost.com

James Gardner

Director of Colour

James Brookes jamesb@departmentofpost.com

James Brookes

Director of Finishing

Katie Hinsen katieh@departmentofpost.com

Katie Hinsen

Head of Operations

Lauren Owens laureno@departmentofpost.com

Lauren Owens

Facilities Manager

Julian Dyson juliand@departmentofpost.com

Julian Dyson


Cody Shuttleworth codys@departmentofpost.com

Cody Shuttleworth


Josh Reardon joshr@departmentofpost.com

Josh Reardon


Brandon Hermitte brandonh@departmentofpost.com

Brandon Hermitte

Assistant Editor

Derek Metivier derekm@departmentofpost.com

Derek Metivier

Audio Engineer

Shiv Sumer shivs@departmentofpost.com

Shiv Sumer

Audio Engineer

Luana Barnes luanab@departmentofpost.com

Luana Barnes

Audio Assistant

Joss Hardman jossh@departmentofpost.com

Joss Hardman

Online Assistant

Walle info@departmentofpost.com


Walle the robot